A Step by Step Guide For Finding Your Niche Market

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If you are trying to find a niche market for the first time for your online business particularly for affiliate marketing then most probably you are confused. There are so many ideas in your head just moving around but you don't know how to choose the best one for you. Well, finding a niche is actually easy if you have an experience of doing that. When i was finding my niche, i was very confused. But, now it is an easier task to do for me. In this article i am going to give you a step by step guide with which you will be able to find your niche more easily and more effectively. These steps won't cost you money. But, they will definitely need some time and effort from you. Let's talk about the steps now.
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Step1: Make a list of Niches you are interested in

Your first step is to make a list of niches in which you are interested. Be honest with yourself. At this point don't think about whether a niche is profitable or not. You will have to spend a lot of time with your niche for creating your content, updating it and other stuffs like creating Blogs, Websites related to it or advertise for your business. So, you should make your list of niches according to your personal interest. If you don't do that, there is a great chance that after a few days you will get bored of your job and if that happens you can't expect quality works from you. And those in turn will bring no or a little success to you. So, make a list of niches of your interest and order them from your most interest to least interest.

Step2: Find the Demand of your niche

Now, you have a list of niches. But, what good are those niches if they have no demand in the online world? So, your second step is to find the demand of your niches. For finding demand, you can use Google's Keyword Tool. It is free for all and it is also very easy to use (The link for this free tool is provided in "Note" which is at the end of this article). Put a keyword or keyword phrase related to your niche in the tool. You will get number of approximate searches performed in the previous month and also the average monthly searches performed over the recent 12 months for your keyword or keyword phrases. The higher the number of searches the higher is the demand for your niche.

Step3: Find the Competition of your niche

Now, you have an idea about the demands of your niches. Another thing you should know now is how competitive is the market for the niche. It will help you decide the best niche for you. Finding competition for your niche is easy. Just search for the same keywords you used in 2nd step in the major search engines like: Google, Yahoo and MSN. Then see the number of results they are showing. If you are looking for a competitive niche then the number may be in the millions!

The higher is the number the higher is the competition. Don't get afraid. Not every site listed in that result is your competitor. Most, of the people won't even go as far as 3rd page of the search result. But, you have got an idea about the competition because you know how many places in online world are working with those keywords or keyword phrases. Right?

Step4: Find the Business potential of your niche

This step requires a good judgment and also self confidence. By now, you know your niches with interest, their demand and also you have got an idea about the competition you have to face in the niches. At this point you have to know the business potential of your niches.

Say, you are interested in a niche which doesn't have demand. Should you start your affiliate marketing in that niche market? The answer is obviously "No" to the question. If people don't want to buy your product online, how can you sell them? Again, say you are interested in a niche which has very high demand with very high competition. You should only choose that niche if you think you have enough confidence and you can really work hard to succeed. Because, there are other people, may be experienced people who are also working in that niche. In this case you have to compromise between your interest and the competition. Find a niche with less competition, high demand and you still have got the interest to work with it.

So, all you have to do is to think about the profitability of the niche without forgetting your personal interests. Try to make better judgments and also try to be confident as well as comfortable with your decisions. And, of course be honest with yourself while making the decisions.

Step 5: Re Ordering your list from the 1st step

In this step, you re arrange your niches in the list that you created in the 1st step by giving them a new order from the highest business potential to the lowest business potential and of course don't forget about mixing your interests in the niches with the business potential while you gave them a new order.

That's it. You are done! See, finding a niche is actually simple and it is also fun. And you don't need to spend money at all. All you need is some time, dedication and effort. I hope you will be able to find the best niche market and success in your online business with these easy but effective steps.

To your success

Note: Google's Free Keyword Tool
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