Create a Hot Marketing Niche Strategic Process

Everything begins with an idea.

A Niche Market includes any product or service that's in great need or want. This is one of the best internet businesses that there is for two reasons. You can determine your own product as well as marketing niche.
The key is to find a focused and targeted market, where you can supply something that people are already looking for. A marketable product or service that's not readily available. The big niche secret is that there is no secret.

Step One - How To Find A Profitable Niche

Niche marketing is a simple process, which just involves some research. This is ultimately what will determine your online success. First of all, you need to eliminate the niches that don't get enough traffic, as well as the niches that are way too competitive. The remaining niches are the ones with potential for success, but they don't guarantee your success. However, this is part of the niche marketing strategy and is crucial for building a solid foundation.

You can always find a niche where people are making money, but the competition will be fierce. Or you can find a niche by being aware of opportunities, and what's going on around you. Ask yourself what are people talking about. Does the same problem or issue seem to be repeated over and over? Niche ideas are everywhere. The big question though is how do you find a great niche?

A great niche is a hungry market where lots of people want to buy whatever it is that you are selling. This is where most entrepreneurs fail because they choose the wrong kind of niche to build a business upon. They create a product and then try to figure out how to market it. That's completely backward to how you should be doing it. People are simply not interested in what you want to sell . . . they are only interested in what they want to buy!

Can you appreciate the benefit of adopting this concept? It's the power of niche marketing! The real path to success is in finding out what people want to buy, and then provide them with it. This is the dream of every entrepreneur, to find a hungry market that wants to buy everything that they are selling. Consequently, this is also the very key to your financial success.

Niche Marketing Tips For Finding Hungry Markets:

1) Local Bookstore

A great place to learn about all the hot topics. Just go to the bestseller section and see what the top fiction and nonfiction books are about. These become bestsellers because it's what people are interested in. You can get some great ideas from these for your next project.

However, these subjects are usually time-sensitive because they are about current events. What may be a hot niche market today, may be just luke warm in a few months from now. The popular magazines are also worth taking notice of for some insightful ideas.

2) eBay

Here's the place that will show what people are buying this very moment. The items can be found on the "search" function. Just type in search terms such as "eBay Pulse" or "eBay Pop" or "hot items by category" to get the up-to-minute information on all the currently hot sellers.

Quick Niche Marketing Tip: After you find the subject matter that people are looking for, try researching for related keywords. This drill down method will offer you even narrower and more profitable niches.

3) Search Engines

If you know what people are looking for online, then all you have to do is provide it to them. Just type in "top searches" into your favorite search engine to get a list of websites with possible niches.

FAST Search
AOL Search
MSN Search
Netscape Search
Direct Hit

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool and WordTracker are very effective tools to help you with your niche marketing, and in finding great niche ideas.

4) Forums

One way to find hot topics is by the number of members. In the Google Groups list of forums, it's possible to list them by the size of the groups. The larger being the better niche, of course.

Google Groups
Yahoo Message Boards
Digital Point Forums

5) ClickBank MarketPlace

This has become the internet's largest digital marketplace, and is where you can see what people are buying. You can search by different criteria to find the possible niches.

6) Amazon.com Preorders

Amazon is another place that let's you know which products are popular. It even tells you which products people want, that haven't been released yet. The lists also show the most popular preorders.

Knowledge is power, and in this case, knowing what's popular with people is powerful knowledge if you want to develop a product quickly.

Step Two - How Do We know If The Niche Is Profitable?

By now you should have found several niches with a lot of potential, but need to determine which ones are profitable. A keyword phrase that has a lot of searches but has heavy competition is not a good marketing niche.

A very effective marketing niche strategy is to go to google.com and type in a search term using quotation marks. The results given will be the total number of competing pages that are targeting that given search term.

Off to the right of the page you will notice that there are sponsored links from AdWords. If you click on "More Sponsored Links", it will show a list the total of sponsored links for that keyword. If there are a lot of searches, but only one page of sponsored links, then you probably have found a good niche.

To take it further, click on "advanced search". Go to the box that says "with the exact phrase" and type in the same search term that you used before. Scroll down to the "Occurrences Return results where my terms occur" and in the drop-down box, select the phrase "in the title of the page" and click on "Google Search".

This shows you the top-ranked websites which are optimized with your keyword phrase in their title. You don't want to see too many.

Repeat this last step again, without using quotations on the search term. Scroll down to the "Occurrences Return results where my terms occur", and click "in the URL of the page" from the drop-down box.

This will show you how many top-ranked websites are optimized with your keyword phrase in their URL - the domain and file name where the page is located.

Again, repeat this last step by looking for the results of "in the text of the page", that will show you how many top-ranked websites are optimized with your keyword phrase in their website text. Then check for "in the links on their page".

Afterwards, using the Google Toolbar, check the page rank of each competing website that showed up in the organic links. Do this for all the ones on the first page of results. If most of the sites have a PR score of five or above, then you will have a difficult time getting on the first page without being very efficient with SEO.

Once again, finding the right niche is absolutely critical to your online success.

You could have others do the research for you, but how could you rely solely on their information? Personally, I think it's better to perform your own research and develop a niche that you can profit with.

Niche Tips

Keywords with over 5,000 searches a month without being over 80,000 is a good number. Establish your niche before registering a domain name. It's better to optimize your domain name with keywords from your niche. Very good SEO tactic. The best way to monetize your niche is by selling your own product or service. The best alternative method is to find relevant and complementary affiliate products. Good tools to find niches with:

KeyWord Suggestions Tools


Your success is in the power of Niche Marketing!
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